Selasa, 24 September 2013

Pure Red Line ( Wang x Aquatailor )

My PRL collection:

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This PRL is crossed from Wang Line (Taiwan) with Aquatailor (Japan)

[ Want To Sell ] VEGETUS Shrimp Food

I sell the new product shrimp food ...
I had been selling shrimp food imports various brands of brands EBI**, Born** W**d, Lowk**s, Benib**hi, Crim**n, etc.

This time I sold Shrimp Food with details as:


VERY GOOD - you can be compared with the imported product and of course later on can be tough on the video or on the photo below


15gr/pack or 5 pack/box


Very AFFORDABLE, you can call me to get the price absolutely cheaper than imported shrimp food

Vegetus is made ​​in INDONESIA original 100% using natural organic ingredients, I personally had to prove to my PRL (can be seen in the video), some masters shrimp in indonesia also tryed to their shrimps before i sell this product and all commented is "GOOD" for this product

Because [banyUrang] sole holder of this product, so we open the opportunity for you who want to be our reseller outside Indonesia and of course with different prices according to the terms & conditions that are specified, so that the product can be spread to the whole countries and give benefits for us all ...


7 minutes after:
10 minutes after:
 12 minutes after: 
15 minutes after:


Contact us: +6281.7333.977 / +6288.1115.8982 ( SMS, Whatsapp )

[ Want To Sell ] Mysteri Love Poison

Back again...

Now I sell the new product in the breeding liquid (stimulants) for ornamental shrimp

I had been selling breeding liquid import from various brands like
Lowk**s, Beni***hi, Born** W**d but now I sell breeding local liquid from Indonesia with the following caption:


VERY GOOD - This product is a stimulant drug ornamental shrimp, thus spurring ornamental shrimp for mating so that the saddle be fertilized and become eggs.
Quite a few drops will make the shrimp to be "dancing" fly and high libido or lust




Very AFFORDABLE, you can call me for the price cheaper than another brands


Mystery Love Poison breeding liquid is made ​​in my country (indonesia) and the quality is very good, because I had a test in my tank ( you can see in the video and photo below)



My tiger bee berried one day after I drops the Mysteri Love Poison

Contact us: +6281.7333.977 / +6288.1115.8982 ( SMS, Whatsapp )

Gender or Sexing


See the picture !!!
- Convex Stomach
- Some are SADDLE (at the top of the neck, usually yellow / greenish yellow / green / brown / dark red / black / etc)

See the picture !!!
- Concave stomach or flat
- There is no SADDLE (at the top of the neck)

Grading Red Bee / PRL or Black Bee / PBL


Water Parameter for your shrimps

- Red Cherry, Sakura, Red Fire, Red Painted, Black Cherry, Rilli, Yellow Shrimp, Fire Yellow Shrimp, Blue Pearl, Snow Ball, dll:
PH: 6.4-7.6 GH: 4-14 KH: 0-10 TDS: 80-200 SUHU: 20-28

- Red Bee, Black Bee, Hinomaru, Mosura, PRL, PBL, dll:
PH: 6.0-6.7 GH: 4-6 KH: 0-3 TDS: 80-150 SUHU: 20-25

- Black Tiger, Blue Tiger, BTOE, Red Tiger, dll:
PH: 7.0-7.5 GH: 4-8 KH: 4-7 TDS: 100-150 SUHU: 20-27

- Panda, Shadow, Kingkong, Blue Bolt/Torquise(made in Japan), Red Wine, Red Ruby, dll:
PH: 5.6-6.4 GH: 4-6 KH: 0-2 TDS: 80-100 SUHU: 20-23

SULAWESI SHRIMP/SULE (original from Indonesia)
- Celebes, White Orchid, Four Season, White Spot, Red Lines, Yellow Check, Herguain, dll:
PH: 7.2-8.0 GH: 4-6 KH: 1-3 TDS: 80-150 SUHU: 27-30